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International Champagne Tasting Lecturer

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International Champagne Tasting Lecturer-Alex Tsai

  • Champagne Tasting Lecturer, The Wine Academy
  • Head Sommelier, Hotel Group
  • Consultant, Hotel Group
  • The 2nd Place of Sopexa: Best Sommelier Competition of French Wines in Taiwan
  • Judge of Sopexa Asia Best Sommelier Competition in French Wines
  • The Finalist in The Best Sommelier Competition in Taiwan

I love Champagne, and I have tasted over 2000 different Champagnes to date. I also teach Champagne Tasting Classes. I don’t usually drink soda, carbonated drinks, or other junk beverages, but AricAir Sparkling Water truly amazed me!!

One of the most impressive and favorite products for me is Cold Brew Tea Sparkling Water – Sijichun Green Tea. Firstly, its aroma stands out. Releasing its fragrance as the bubbles disperse, AricAir’s Cold Brew Sparkling Tea is directly cold-infused with tea leaves in the bottle, making its aroma genuinely natural and refreshing. The taste and flavor are not as strong as one might imagine, and yet they are well-balanced with a clear structure, providing a full tasting experience from start to finish, and the aftertaste is also delightful. It’s very enjoyable to drink!

Pink Cranberry Sparkling Water is truly amazing! Its appearance and color are a delightful, girlish pink. The mouthfeel is light and delicate. After drinking it, there is no lingering sensation of artificial flavorings or additives in the mouth and on the tongue – it is genuinely carefree!

Lemon Slice Sparkling Water is quite unique, with a slightly bitter undertone that makes for a full mouthfeel, reminiscent of tonic water. Due to the infusion of a lemon slice in the bottle, this slight bitterness is likely coming from the natural lemon zest, but it doesn’t make it taste too sour. It would definitely make for a great cocktail mixer!

Compared to other sparkling waters, AricAir Sparkling Water has finer and longer-lasting bubbles, and the texture and sensation of the bubbles in the mouth is still strong.

Overall, AricAir Sparkling Water is really great! Consumers who enjoy sparkling waters or beverages will not be disappointed by their bubbly performance. The flavors are natural and delicate, and I really enjoy this refreshing sensation. I’ll be craving them even after I finish drinking!

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