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English introduction about Aric Air Sparkling Water

English introduction about Aric Air Sparkling Water - 愛瑞雅氣泡泉水

Our company believes that chemical food additives, even if they are used in legal doses, can still accumulate in the body to reach harmful levels and contribute to the risk of disease. Therefore, our company insists on not using any chemical food additives.

We have rigorous standards for selecting ingredients. We use alkaline water and food-grade carbon dioxide which purity is 99.999%. Add real fruits to make the Fruit Sparkling Water; likewise, the 6℃ Cold Brew Tea Sparkling Water are made from Taiwan real tea leaves with the biodegradable PLA teabag. These Whole Food are infused into the sparkling water to create a flavorful taste.

Our product disproves the stereotype that all water is bland and tasteless with its appetizing taste, smell, look, and feel. Our products are sugar-free, fat-free, chemical free, additive free, and vegetarian. Obviously, Aric Air serial products are the best alternative to sugary drinks. Aric Air makes people fall in love with healthily drinking water.

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